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About Us

 Dwight Drinkard, Sr. is the Chairman and CEO and Vonda Drinkard is the President.  


Dwight Drinkard, Sr.

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Drinkard has over 50 years of Management and Information Systems Experience which includes:

  • C-Suite Management

  • IT Management

  • Project Management

  • Network Management

  • Systems Administration

He owned and operated Drinkard Consulting Services, a sole proprietorship,  for over six years before launching Drinkard Consulting Services, Inc.
Mr. Drinkard has a M.B.A. from Bellarmine University and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Vonda Drinkard


Mrs. Drinkard is a retired computer technology teacher at the Jefferson County Public Schools.  She is also the managing partner of Picture Perfect Manners and cofounder. 

She is the Executive Director of Sanders, Trowel and Ward Center for Excellence, a nonprofit organization,  which she founded. 

Mrs. Drinkard has a  M.S. in Education from the University of Louisville and a B.A. in Education from Alabama A & M University.

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